Product Knowledge on SPC Vinyl Plank Flooring

A. Structure of Vinyl Flooring Planks

The following Diagram shows the structure of our planks.

SPC vinyl planks are made with 5 layers of material.

---The top layer is UV coating, which is short for UltraViolet coating.
UV coating protects the planks and helps resist abrasion, scratches, rubbing and ink smudging. It is eco-friendly and releases no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) once cured.

---The second layer is the wear layer.
The wear layer is a clear, urethane based coating that keeps the original wood grain look of the planks, and protects the vinyl floor from surface scratches and stains. Thicker plank core + thicker wear layer = higher quality & longer durability.

---The third layer is the color film.
Color film is a high resolution digital picture printed on a clear film, which gives the plank its wood grain look.

--- The fourth layer is the SPC core. 
SPC stands for Stone and Polymer Composite. The core layer is made with stone powder and plastic resins by hot-pressing and extruding. Since there is no wood material  used in the core layer production, the SPC planks are 100% waterproof.

---The last layer is pre-attached IXPE pad (Shock absorption underlayment)
IXPE stands for Irradiated Cross-linked Polyethene Foam. It features extremely low odor, non toxic and high shock absorption. The pre-attached IXPE pad supports the vinyl floors with noise-reduction, easy installation and better foot comfort.
B. Edge Treatment on Vinyl Planks

The plank edges can be treated SQUARED or MICRO-BEVELED.

1) Squared
Squared plank edges will make the plank transition (connection) seamless.
See the followed picture.
2) Micro-Beveled
Micro-Beveled edges will create a "V" shape groove between planks.
See the followed pictures.

Embossing is added during the heating process, A steel plate containing a pattern is pressed into the planks, creating a texture on the plank surfaces.

Cost wise, most of the flooring planks are light-embossed, and the embossing patterns are light and random.

EIR - Embossed In Register

A special kind of embossing that makes the texture perfectly lines up and matches the wood grain on the image layer. EIR vinyl floor looks and feel right like real wood.

Micro-Bevel and EIR represent the highest quality in the vinyl flooring industry.

The micro-beveled vinyl floors have the beautiful plank transition as the real wood floors. Since a special manufacturing process is needed to make the plank edges micro-beveled, its manufacturing cost and so prices are higher than edge-squared flooring planks.  

C. Plank Surface Finish - EIR 

For non-slip purpose, the plank surfaces are treated with embossing.
Click-Lock Installation System
All the vinyl planks we carry come with a click-lock installation mechanism around the plank edges. When installing the planks on your floor, you can just snap them together. Due to this patented click-lock system, the installation process is super easy and fast.

Selecting the Right Material for Your Project
Additional to color, your consideration should be on the thickness of the planks and the thickness of the plank wear layer.
1) The combination of 5.0mm and 20 mil will support a warranty of 30 years.
2) The combination of 6.0mm and 20 mil will support a warranty of 50 years.
3) Our SuperThick 6.5 collection comes with 6.5mm in plank thickness and 22 mil in wear layer. It supports a 50-year warranty and performs the best in durability.

Our SPC Vinyl Flooring Looks and Feels like Real Wood with all the benefits of the strongest and most durable Vinyl Products in the Industry!

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