Product Warranty

Econo 5.0 
Warranty for residential use: 30 years;
Warranty for commercial use: 10 years.

SuperThick 6.5
Warranty for residential use: 50 years;
Warranty for commercial use: 15 years

Deluxe 5.5, Top-Quality EIR 8.0
Warranty for residential use: 30 years;
Warranty for commercial use: 15 years.

What is Covered:
During the warranty time frame, our vinyl floors
1) will not wear through and lose the floor design;
2) will not curl at edges;
3) will not open at seams;
4) will not crack;
5) will not permanently stain from normal household spills;
6) will not contain any manufacturing defects;
7) will not  rip and tear from normal household use;
8) will not fade or discolor in regular room temperature;
9) will not swell from normal cleaning practices and tropical moisture
10) will not emit any harmful chemical elements to the room air.

What is Not Covered: 
1) Damages from fire, flooding and intentional abuse;
2) Damages from improper repair by non-licensed   contractors;
3) Damages from rolling or sliding furniture pieces without floor protectors;
4) Damages from glue-down installations (floating installation is recommended);
5) Damages from vacuum cleaners;
6) Damages from cutting by sharp objects.

How Warranty Works
If any of the above 10 covered issues happen, you can call us or text us at 909-284-6640.
When you call or text, please mention your warranty registration number, warranty owner name and
the installed address. After verification, We will send you the replacement material free of charge.

Warranty Registration
To enjoy the warranty benefits, you need to register your flooring project with us within 6 months of material purchase. After installation, you can send us the following information by text (702-423-3884) or email ( for Warranty Registration:
---Purchase Invoice #
---Installed Address
---Name of Warranty Owner
---Minimum Two Room-scene Pictures of Sitting Room
---Minimum One Room-scene Picture of Each Bed Room
---Minimum One Room-scene Picture of Each Bathroom   
---Minimum One Picture Showing the Connection Where The Vinyl Floors to Meet the Baseboards
---Minimum One Picture Showing the Transition where the Vinyl Floors to meet carpet and/or tiles. 
---If Stairs Installed with Vinyl Planks and Vinyl Stair noses, Minimum Two Pictures Showing the Steps and the Landing Area.
We ask for the above pictures, just want to make sure that the flooring are properly installed.

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